Dell has a BI practice?!

The week before last I headed out to The Data Warehouse Institute’s  (TDWI) World Conference in San Diego.  I went out to help support our BI team who were using the event as the forum to unveil Dell’s new Business Intelligence practice.

We got a bunch of puzzled looks as people approached the Dell booth and didn’t see any hardware.  Once however they learned what we were there to announce and why, they seemed to buy it (or maybe they just said they got it because they didn’t want to lose out on a chance to win the Dell Mini we were giving away 🙂

BI veteran, Mike Lampa, who has been driving the go-to market effort behind the practice acted as our chief spokesperson.   Here’s the message we were delivering, straight from Mike:

Some of the ground Mike covers:

  • Internally, Dell has one of the top 5 data warehouse implementations in world and we use most of the mainstream ETL, BI and database tools that are out there in the market.
  • The Perot acquisition has given us access to a global services delivery engine and we are marrying this channel with the BI expertise we’ve developed internally.
  • We’ll provide consulting services through our verticals and deliver end to end solutions targeted at vertical markets like Education, Health Care and Financial services.
  • Our goal is to do in services what we did in hardware, be  a disruptive force and bring in higher levels of innovation.

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