Chief Scientist at BT: “In nature there are no SLAs”

J.P. Rangaswamy is British Telecom’s chief scientist and a very interesting fellow.  At the Cloud Summit at OSCON last month he delivered a talk on the future of the cloud.  I was quite intrigued so I grabbed him during the break to learn a bit more about a few of the concepts he presented.

Some of the topics that J.P. tackles:

  • Many of the best utilities we’ve built: Internet, Web, wireless environment etc are built on fundamentally frail best-effort infrastructures.
  • In order to gain predictability you sacrifice a lot of the original value eg. QWERTY
  • He’s not against SLAs, J.P.’s against the throwing away of value under the guise of false beliefs in SLAs.
  • What is the key area in the cloud that needs to be shored up? Interoperability.  Security is overplayed, just look at the development of the Web.
  • Need to concentrate on federation as a mind set — the ability to create services that are daisy chaining select pieces from a variety of each, vs integrated vertical stacks.
  • He’s worried about SLAs because the things people are doing to stop SLAs from being light weight are actually things that prevent interoperability.

Pau for now…

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