Dell Joins Cloud Security Alliance

I recorded this interview with David Lang earlier this year and have been meaning to post it for the longest time.   David is Dell’s program manager for federal security which means he is charge of the team that supports the security requirements for all Dell’s businesses that faces the federal government.  He’s based in DC but I was able to grab a bit of his time when he was out visiting Austin.

Some of the topics David tackles:

  • Dell’s joining of the Cloud Security Alliance at the end of last year.
  • What the CSA is and does.
  • David’s interesting background:  he spent many years as a special agent in the air force doing computer and espionage investigations and how this lead him to the cloud.
  • How David addresses questions around cloud security and what type of environments you find in federal space.
  • The balancing act between availability, security and cost and where Homeland Security would want to use the public cloud.

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