3tera’s CEO and Chairman: Barry Lynn

Last but not least from the videos I took last month at Cloud Expo is the interview I conducted with Barry Lynn of  3tera.  At a high level Barry positions his company as a software company that offers a turnkey cloud platform.  See what else he has to say:

Some of the topics Barry Tackles

  • 3tera sell’s their flagship product AppLogic three ways
    • License it to people who want to run private clouds behind their firewalls [competitors: VMware, people building it themselves]
    • License it to service providers who want to offer public cloud services but don’t want to build their own cloud (there are 30 SP’s worldwide offering clouds on the 3Tera platform) e.g. KDDI [competitors: people who build it themselves]
    • Virtual private data center business where people can lease a data center.  They do this with DC partners [competitors: any service provider]
  • What they are doing with KDDI and their “KDDI cloud server” (hint: they are provisioning stacks e.g. ruby, .net, java…)
  • What’s coming up
    • Their App store is in beta and will be in production in Q1 of next year (ISVs publishing to the 3tera cloud).
    • Cloudware release: their orchestration and management layer will be offered separately next year and can be used on top of anyone’s virtualization, computing fabric or cloud engine.

Pau for now…

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