Talking with Mr. Cloud Camp

I first met Dave Nielsen when I attended the Austin Cloud Camp back in April of this year.  I bumped into to him again at the cloud computing expo in Santa Clara at the beginning of last month.  He was putting on another cloud camp and checking out the expo.  I sat down with him and got him to tell me all about the phenomenon that has become cloud camp.

Some of the topics Dave tackles:

  • Cloud Camp’s un-conference format and how attendees drive the agenda and topics.
  • Where Dave got the idea and what his background is.
  • How it all  began back in June of ’08 with the first cloud camp in San Francisco and then quickly jumped across the pond and then back to the Windy City.  (There have been 50 cloud camps in 16 monts, half in the US and the other half in Europe and Asia)
  • Every city is different.  To help the cities less familiar with the un-conference format, an “un-panel” was added.
  • What’s next for cloud camp?

Pau for now…

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