Talking to Ken O. about Egenera, the cloud and Dell

Last but not least in my series of video’s from last month’s Cloud World/Open Source World I present to you Ken Oestreich, VP of Product marketing at Egenera.  I grabbed some time with Ken to learn about Engenera, the cloud and how they’re working with Dell.

Some of the topics that Ken tackles:

  • While a hypervisor abstracts software, Egenera’s PAN manager abstracts the “plumbing” e.g. NIC cards, switches, host bus adaptor cards etc.
  • PAN manager allows you to consolidate networks, fail-over entire machines and, in the case of disaster recovery, recover and reproduce entire compute environments.
  • Egenera is working with Dell in the form of the Dell PAN system to provide agility in your infrastructure.
  • This Infrastructure as a Service system can be used inside or outside your firewall.
  • What developments Ken is most excited about in the upcoming year.

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…

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