Cloud Tamer: Right Scale’s CEO Michael Crandell

I’m getting down to the end of the videos I recorded last month at Cloud World/Open Source World and I’ve saved some of the best for last.  My penultimate interview is with Michael Crandell, CEO of Right Scale.

Right Scale, based in sunny Santa Barbara California, makes a cloud management platform that provides greater control over the cloud and makes it easy for companies to begin to migrate applications to the cloud or start building new ones there.  See what Michael has to say…

Some of the stuff Michael discusses:

  • Right Scale focuses on three things: 1) Automation, 2) Providing a library of cloud ready solutions, 3) doing all this in an open and transparent way that allows portability among cloud platforms.
  • How Right Scale came to be.  Their founder was teaching a class at UCSB about how to build an ecommerce site.  Amazon granted him some free compute time to use in his class.  He realized he needed a framework for managing and monitoring the classes usage, he also realized there was a business to built around this idea…
  • Where Right Scale will be putting its efforts in the up coming year:
    • Supporting more cloud platforms as the come online
    • Increasing their partner program and their cloud-ready solutions
    • Increasing support for enterprise level editions and features e.g. security and compliance, user control, billing, metering…

Extra-Credit reading:

Pau for now…

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