Forrester’s James Staten Explains the Cloud

At Cloud World/Open Source World earlier this month I grabbed some time with Forrester’s “Mr. Cloud” James Staten.  I wanted to get his take on Cloud Computing and what was hot and what is not.  Here is the result.

Some of the things James talks about:

  • How the conversation about cloud has changed over the last year.
  • He spends a lot of time telling people what the cloud is not.
  • The three things they’ve learned (coming soon to Forrester report near you):
    • First thing to do in the cloud is test and development
    • Organizations can take short term web promotions and marketing efforts and drop them into the cloud (witness Wendy’s 99c promotion)
    • Put apps that are triggered by revenue into the cloud
  • Rather that “Public vs Private” clouds, Forrester segments it into “internal vs. hosted vs. public
  • Cloud is not an all or nothing proposition, it’s another tool in the toolkit.

Pau for now…

One Response to Forrester’s James Staten Explains the Cloud

  1. derek says:

    Whole heartedly agree with your last bullet here:

    Cloud is just another tool in the IT tool kit.


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