Blueprint: See what’s so cool about it

Yesterday, Dave Marquard posted a cool video on the Lombardi blog that provides a great introduction to Blueprint.  The video, which is less than three minutes long, was created by Nachi Chidambaram, a Lombardi Business Process Management Analyst.  Check it out below.

For those who prefer to read — Spoiler Alert!

The video starts out by showing how a process mapping project works using Visio and the tremendous amount of double-work that’s involved: transcribing from sticky notes, managing and incorporating a blizzard of feedback and keeping track of attachments.

With Blueprint on the other hand, as Nachi explains you can capture the original brainstorming session directly in the browser-based product and then, at a push of a button, transform your discovery map into a process flow diagram.   Also due to Blueprint’s collaborative and wiki-like nature, keeping track of feedback and input is easy and attachments are all stored in a central repository accessible to all.  And given that Blueprint is cloud-based you can get started as fast as you can enter your credit card number 🙂

Pau for now…

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