Talkin’ with Rackspace’s CEO Lanham Napier about the Cloud and Hosting

Last week I attended the Rackspace customer event down in San Antonio.  On the first day of the event I was able to grab sometime with Rackspace’s CEO, Lanham Napier.  We chatted about going public, the company’s recent acquisitions and its foray into the cloud via Mosso.

Take a listen:

>> My Interview with Lanham (8:11): Listen (mp3) Listen (ogg)


CFO turned CEO, Lanham Napier (who sounds like someone famous)

Some of the Topics we tackle:

  • What does Rackspace do and what’s the company’s ultimate goal.
  • Why Rackspace decided to IPO in the choppy seas of August.
  • How the company decided on SliceHost and JungleDisk as acquisition targets
  • Rackspace’s two service sets, Managed Hosting and Cloud Hosting, and what’s the difference (Blueprint utilizes both)
  • Lanham’s thoughts on Microsoft’s Cloud announcement and the relationship between the two companies.

But wait, there’s more

Stay tuned, in the next few days I will be posting the other two podcasts I did last week, one with  CTO John Engates as well as one with Mosso co-founder Jonathan Bryce.

Pau for now…

4 Responses to Talkin’ with Rackspace’s CEO Lanham Napier about the Cloud and Hosting

  1. Couple things…

    1. I would LOVE if you’d actually roll your mp3’s into a “podcast”. I know you’re calling it a podcast right now, but it’s not. It doesn’t have an XML feed that translates to an mp3 player via iTunes or other method. If you need help, I’d be happy to lend some strategy on how that can easily be done 🙂

    2. I have some thoughts on the “cloud hosting” issue myself, actually blogged today. I have yet to see a fully stable solution, Mosso included, and am doubting the cloud hosting idea as of yet. Right now, it seems we have a lot of expensive hardware and staff working to try to accomplish this, but without proper structure of the devices in a failover state, I don’t see it happening yet. Media Temple, Amazon and yes, even Mosso, have all suffered outages as a result.

    Thoughts? Anyone? Feel free to check out my blog and read/Digg/send to a friend as well. This is a good idea that hasn’t been fully executed yet in my opinion.

    Read: Cloud Computing – Is it just a bunch of fluff?


  2. barton808 says:

    Hey William,

    You are correct, I have been using the word “podcast” a bit liberally. I do plan to turn it into an actual podcast series and make myself legit 😉 Hopefully your comment will motivate me to do it sooner rather than later.



  3. […] I taped at the Rackspace Customer Event is my conversation with John Engates, Rackspace CTO.  Like Lanham and Jonathan, John was a very approachable and likable guy.  I checked out John’s […]


  4. Kelso says:

    This guy has it made… the prices they charge for their service are ridiculous… however people feel ‘privileged’ to use their service… a true marketing genius.


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