Google Addresses Three Cloud Computing Myths

I came across the following short video featuring Jeff Keltner a Business Development Manager for Google Apps.  The video is from TechWeb from mid August and it looks like it was taken at an event featuring various “Cloud Players” (I noticed Amazon’s VP of Amazon Web Services, Adam Selipsky is sitting on the couch while Jeff speaks).

For those who prefer reading, here is a quick summary of Jeff’s talk:

He starts with two positives for Cloud Computing

  1. From an IT perspective: He cites the Gartner statistic that only 20% of the total cost of ownership for software is the purchasing of the software while 80% of the cost comes from the ongoing maintenance.  He cites the centralized nature of the cloud as a way of reversing that trend and actually flipping the relationship.
  2. From a user perspective, we are shifting from personal to group productivity and shifting towards a single instance of an application and collaboration which the cloud supports.

He then focuses on the Myths

  1. It’s not secure: Jeff argues that an enterprise with the size and scale of an Amazon, Google or is much more secure than most.  He also rightfully points out that you can’t assume that today’s in-house model is zero risk.  (This seems like an obvious point but one that people often miss when comparing the two models).
  2. It’s not proven (no one’s done this before):  He talks about how cloud began with services like ADP payroll and then rolled out to other vertical apps like Webex and and has continued from there.
  3. It’s not for the enterprise:  He points to the large scale of Google support and infrastructure.

Pau for now…

One Response to Google Addresses Three Cloud Computing Myths

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