Stoneware: Developing & Selling Private Cloud Software

November 23, 2009

At the cloud expo in Santa Clara earlier this  month I ran into Rick German, CEO of Stoneware, Inc.  I had previously heard of Stoneware since they are partnering with Dell on a cloud offering for education but I knew that was just one area in which they played.  I sat down with Rick and learned about all they did.

Some of the topics Rick tackles:

  • Helping customers to build their own private clouds within their data centers and enabling them to plug in their own windows and webhosted apps (plugging public cloud apps into the data center).  Taking orgs from client-centric to web-centric.
  • Delivery via a virtual web desktop accessed from a plethora of browsers:  Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari.
  • Stoneware’s 10-year history and how the advent of “cloud-o-mania” has helped or hurt them.
  • What to look for from Stoneware in the year ahead.

Pau for now…

Back from the Bay Area with a fist full of cloudy videos

November 6, 2009

This week I made the trek out of the Lone Star state and headed west to the Bay Area.  I spent the first day in San Francisco where I took our sales folks through my cloud presentation and then had meetings with a few members of the press.  Here is the outcome of a couple of those meetings:


Down on the Peninsula

From the city I headed down to Santa Clara and the Cloud Computing Expo.  I don’t think I saw a single customer at the event but I did run into a bunch of interesting companies in attendance.  With my trusty Flip Mino I even recorded a bunch of interviews that I will be rolling out in the days to come.  Here’s the list

  • 3Tera — Barry Lynn, CEO
  • Heroku — Oren Teich head of product
  • Oracle VM — Adam Hawley, Director of Product management
  • Gluster — Hitesh Cellani, CEO and Jack O’Brien head of marketing
  • The Planet — Rob Walters, director of product management
  • Stoneware — Rick German, CEO
  • Cloud Camp — Dave Nielsen, co-founder

Stay tuned.


A Zoho billboard in the San Jose airport, right in the heart of Google country.

Pau for now…

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