The rise of the Google Enterprise team and Cloud

February 3, 2009

On the second day of Cloud Connect I caught up with Kevin Gough of Google.  Kevin leads marketing efforts for Google Apps, website search, enterprise search and geospatial products and we chatted a bit about the evolution of the Google Apps team.

To watch in High Quality: after clicking play, click the “HQ” button that will appear on the bottom.

Some of the topics Kevin Tackles:

  • Growing the Enterprise team from less than 20 to over 500.
  • The evolution from Search -> Maps -> Earth -> Google Apps (Google’s thrust into the cloud for businesses)
  • Python and App Engine, going with what’s familiar and plans to expand

Pau for now…

Talking “Cloud” with Rajen Sheth — Inventor of Google Apps

February 2, 2009

The week before last, the Cloud Connect event in Mountain View kicked off with an “Evening in the Cloud.”  Representatives from Google, Amazon Web Services, and pitched heads of IT on why they should move all their IT to the cloud.  (Not sure who convinced whom, but it was an interesting debate nonetheless 🙂 )

Representing Google was Ragen Sheth, its lead Product Manager and the person credited with inventing Google Apps.  After he finished speaking I was able to grab a few minutes with Ragen to learn more about what Google’s been doing in the Cloud.  Check it out.

Take a listen:

>> My talk with Rajen (9:47): Listen (mp3) Listen (ogg)

Rajen Sheth of Google Apps.

Rajen Sheth of Google Apps.

Some of the Topics we tackle:

  • How Google Apps is Google’s platform for businesses to run applications in the cloud.
  • Google App Suite is all about bringing the cool things Google has created on the consumer side and presenting it to the businesses.
  • Gmail opened up a whole new model for people to build web-based applications by bringing in AJAX.
  • Over the last 3-4 years a lot of really advanced apps have been built in the browser that utilize the unique leverage points of the cloud.
  • CIO’s have switched from “no way,” to talking feature sets when the subject of the cloud is brought up.
  • What will we see in 09 in the cloud?   (The recession should help to drive adoption.)
  • Is Rajen seeing more cloud-interest from big or small companies?
  • When will we hit the Cloud tipping point?

Stay tuned

More Google tomorrow when I post a video I did with with Rajen’s partner in crime, Kevin Gough.

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Live from Cloud Connect: David Berlind

January 22, 2009

Ok well maybe its not live but here’s a short (3:34) video I shot yesterday with David Berlind, the man behind Cloud Connect.  The conference kicked off Tuesday night and continues, as I type, until this evening.

To watch in High Quality: after clicking play, click the “HQ” button that will appear on the bottom.

This video was shot right in the middle of the “speed geeking” section yesterday where attendees visited nine different cloud demos being presented by the sponsors: Amazon Web Services, IBM, Mosso, Google, Right Scale and

In the Video David talks about

  • The idea behind Cloud Connect and whats going on
  • Where the cloud works best
  • His predictions for whats going to happen in the cloud space in ’09 (hint, watch out for the big boys).

But wait, there’s more…

If you’re interested in hearing more from Cloud connect Check back here over the next week since I’ll be posting about six more videos as well as an audio podcast with the founder of Google Apps.

Pau for now…

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