Digital Transformation – How to avoid becoming digital prey

November 11, 2014

Last week at Dell World I interviewed a bunch of folks and will be posting these videos in the upcoming days.  On the last day of the event however I got to sit on the other side of the camera and talk about Digital Transformation.

Take a listen below as I explain what I’ve learned and how Digital Transformation is affecting organizations today.

Some of the ground we cover

  • What is “Digital Transformation?”  Why all of a sudden does it seem to be the buzz word du jour?
  • The importance of placing the customer in center of your thinking.
  • Which organizations have transformed successfully and why and who has become digital prey.
  • How does it leverage technologies like cloud, social, mobile and big data/analytics?

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Digital Transformation – It’s all about the customer

June 2, 2014

Digital transformation may seam like the latest in a long line of marketecture-based high tech concepts but it actually is pretty straight forward.  In a nutshell, digital transformation is about adopting and often combining the digital technologies of Cloud, Mobility, Social Media and Analytics to better serve customers.

More generally, digital transformation, is about extreme customer-centricity and engaging customers digitally at every point throughout the customer life cycle.  And it is key to remaining competitive today.

Big at the Bazaar

A few weeks ago I attended the Bazaarvoice summit here in Austin.  The topic of digital transformation was woven through out the two day event.  My favorite illustration of this was a very cool keynote on the first day demonstrating what a mobile personalized retail experience might like look in the year 2020.

While at the show I grabbed some time with Scott Anderson, SVP of marketing at Bazaarvoice to get his thoughts on digital transformation.  Take a listen:

Some of the ground Scott covers:

  • The customer is in control
  • How does Digital Transformation map to Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud?
  • How would you advise a CEO looking to digitally transform his or her organization?
  • How does digital transformation work in a B2B, vs. B2C, context?

Where Dell plays

Dell Services has been involved with digital transformation for a while.  We consolidated our capabilities and created a dedicated service line to help customers achieve digital transformation. The service line uses a consulting-led approach to help them leverage any/all of these technologies to drive business outcomes and better serve their customers.

As an example, here is one our earlier case studies where we worked with the American Red Cross to help them leverage social media to aid in disaster relief.

Stay tuned in the weeks ahead as I post more about what we are doing in the realm of digital transformation.

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Datawarehouser Greenplum — Talking to President and Founder, Scott Yara

May 7, 2010

When I was out in the Bay Area for our launch I stopped by data warehouse and analytics player Greenplum.  Greenplum is one of the first three members in our Cloud Partner program (the other two are Canonical and Aster Data.)  I sat down with Greenplum’s President and founder Scott Yara to talk about the company and where they’re going:

Some to the topics Scott tackles:

  • Whats happening in the world of data.
  • How Greenplum began with the open source PostgreSQL database platform and over the last 7-8 years have refactored it and built a massively parallel database kernel engine.
  • How it works:  Greenplum takes the data and physically distributes it across all the Database segments and operates on the data in parallel.  This parallel approach allows Greenplum to process data 10-100x faster than conventional databases.
  • Who is using it: Skype, Fox Interactive, NTT docomo, Deutsche Bank, retailers, large healthcare companies.
  • The enterprise data cloud initiative – Setting a new type of analytics infrastructure that takes advantage of virtualization and the latest in general purpose and multi-core systems and is centered around self-service principles.
  • While a lot of folks are excited about writing apps to the iPhone, the platform that Scott and crew gest really excited about writing to are 2 socket Nehalem servers with a bunch of disk drives behind them.
  • How someone would go about getting started with Greenplum.

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