Dell launches Debian-based Open Networking OS

A couple weeks ago when Silicon Valley-based Darius Goodall and Cliff Wichmann made the pilgrimage out to Austin I grabbed some time with them to learn about the recently announced OS 10.  Darius heads up the DevOps and tech partner ecosystem in Dell’s networking group while Cliff is the software architect for OS 10.

Take a listen as they take us through the new OS and where it’s going.

OS10 overview

Some of the ground Darius and Cliff cover

  • A couple of years ago Dell disaggregated the  switch hardware from the software and now we’re disaggregating the SW
  • Think of the switch itself as a Debian-based server with a bunch of ethernet ports
  •  It will allow you to orchestrate, automate and integrate Linux-based apps into your switching environment
  • Timeline: Base version coming out in March – a DevOps friendly server environment
  • Timeline: In June/July the premium applications will be released which will be the switching packages to use on top of the Linux base+ a fancy routing suite (if you want to get going before hand you can use Quagga on top of the base)
  • CPS: programatic interface we’ve added into the base in order to enable developers

Extra-credit reading

  • Dell serves up its own disaggregated OS – NetworkWorld
  • Dell drops next network OS on the waiting world – The Register
  • Dell’s OS10 aims to open up networks, then whole data centers – PCWorld,

Pau for now…

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