My new gig — I’ve joined the CTO office!

A couple of weeks ago I took a new position here within Dell.  I’m now in

Source: Schlomo Schapiro, OpenTechSummit 2015

Source: Schlomo Schapiro, OpenTechSummit 2015

the office of the CTO in our enterprise solutions group.  In  my new role the main areas I will be focusing on are DevOps and OpenSource.  And, because you can’t swing a dead cat without hearing about “containers,” I will be looking into that as well.  (I will also continue to drive Project Sputnik, the XPS 13 and M3800 developer editions)

While Dell has a bunch of activities in the above areas, they tend to be scattered across the company and we could do a better job of connecting them.  This will be one of my internally focused tasks, helping to get these efforts more aligned in order to better help our customers.

Externally I will be talking with customers, vendors and partners to see how we can go about creating viable and valuable POCs that will hopefully lead to bigger solutions.  Just like we did with project Sputnik, the idea will be to be transparent about these efforts and to start small and iterate.  With the goal of applying lean/agile principles our approach will be to put together quick, basic POCs that we can make available for customers to access and give input on.  The goal will be to draw on continuous feedback and course correct as we go.

That’s the plan at least.  Watch this space to see how it all unfolds 🙂

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