MDC in our parking lot, serving up OpenStack & Hadoop

Why use valuable internal real estate when you can just set up a Modular Data Center (MDC) in your parking lot?  The point wasn’t lost on the Dell Solution Center team who, with help from our partners Intel, is doing just that here in Round Rock.

The new MDC, which should be online in a few weeks, will host Dell’s OpenStack-Powered Cloud and Apache Hadoop solutions for customers to test drive and build POCs in Dell Solution Centers around the world.

Here’s the MDC being lowered into place yesterday.

Here are some pics I snapped this morning when I went down to get my coffee. (double click on them to see them full sized)

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Pau for now…

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  1. […] You might see all demeanour of vehicles as we hunt for a parking mark when we arrive during work in a morning. But we might not design to confront a cloud. At Dell domicile in Round Rock, Texas, a association has used space in one of the parking lots of residence a Dell Modular Data Center (MDC), that will residence Dell’s OpenStack-powered cloud computing height and Apache Hadoop solutions for business to test-drive. It’s an engaging instance of how modular units can concede companies to use accessible space on corporate camouses to enhance their IT operations. Barton George has some-more sum and photos during Barton’s Blog. […]


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