EnterpriseDB’s new Postgres cloud database

A little while ago, EnterpriseDBs VP of Biz Dev, Sean Doherty popped in for a visit.  While he was here I got him to tell me what EnterpriseDB, the certified professional distribution of the PostgreSQL open source DB, has been up to and fill me in on their new cloud database.

Some of the ground Sean covers:

  • What is EnterpriseDB and what is their business model
  • 1:10 Where does EnterpriseDB fit in the overall database landscape and where is it used
  • 2:00 The release of the Postgres Plus cloud database on EC2 and soon OpenStack
  • 2:44 What EnterpriseDB has got up its sleeve in the way of features and functionality in the next year

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…

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