Hadoop World: Battery Ventures EIR Todd P.

Todd Papaioannou has been in Big Data for a while.  He built the original engineering team at Greenplum, worked at Teradata for 5 years and mostly recently, before joining Battery Ventures as an  Entrepreneur in Residence, served as Yahoo’s Chief Cloud architect.

I grabbed some time with Mr. P to learn what it means to be an EIR and what he’s seeing in the industry from his vantage point.

Some of the ground Todd covers

  • Todd’s background
  • (0:45) What is an Entrepreneur in Residence and how did Todd become one
  • (2:45) What trends is he seeing in the space and how does he feel the market’s evolving
  • (4:00) What are his big take aways from this year’s Hadoop World

But wait, there’s more!

Stay tuned for more interviews from last week’s Hadoop world.  On tap are:

  • John Gray of Facebook
  • Erik Swan of Splunk
  • Nosh Petigara of 10gen/MongoDB

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…

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