Hadoop Summit: Looking at the evolving ecosystem with Ken Krugler

Here is the final entry in my interview series from the Hadoop Summit.

The night before the summit, I was impressed when I heard Ken Krugler speak at the BigDataCamp unconference.  Turns out Ken has been a part of the Hadoop scene even before there was a Hadoop, his 2005 start-up Krugle utilized Nutch which split and evolved into Hadoop.  He now runs a Hadoop consulting practice, Bixo labs, and offers training.

I ran into Ken the next day at the summit and sat down with him to get his thoughts on Hadoop and the ecosystem around it.

Some of the ground Ken covers

  • How he first began using Hadoop many moons ago
  • (0:53)  How Hadoop has crossed the chasm over the last half decade
  • (1:53)  The classes he teaches, one very technical and the other an intro class
  • (2:23)  What the heck is Hadoop anyway?
  • (3:30)  What trends Ken has seen recently in the Hadoop world (the rise of  the fat node)

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…

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