Survey Results, is IT optimistic or pessimistic about Cloud?

Last week at Cloud Expo in New York, Dell commissioned an independent third party, Marketing Solutions Corporation, to conduct a survey of IT professionals who were attending the show.  The survey, which excluded IT members of technology providers, posed a series of cloud related questions and asked the IT professionals to answer both from their point of view and from the point of view of  their non-technical senior management.

The results are in

Not surprisingly, the 223 IT respondents were split with 47% seeing cloud as an extension of long-term trends toward  remote networks and virtualization while 37% believed it was a radically new way to think about their own IT function.  When answering how they thought senior managers would view the cloud, 37% felt management saw cloud computing as having “immense potential.”

Interestingly, while 66% of the respondents said their IT department would both advocate and benefit from cloud-based solutions, most didn’t expect similar support or optimism from other departments.  The next closest function was customer service which only 26% of the respondents felt would see cloud with equal optimism and marketing and sales with 25%.

To learn more about the survey and the conclusions drawn, see the release that went out Friday.

Pau for now…

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