Cloud Expo:, what’s it all about?

Tonight at the opening reception for Cloud Expo, I ran into Peder Ulander, CMO of  We found a quiet spot off the show floor and I got him to tell all about, where they’ve been and where they’re going.

Some of the ground Peder covers

  • What is, where does it play in the cloud ecosystem and what does it help customers do?
  • [01:22] Who are some of’s customers (hint: Nokia, Zynga, Korean Telecom…) and in what industries are they in?
  • [03:25] Where did the idea for come from and what experience did the founders leverage in creating it?

Pau for now…

One Response to Cloud Expo:, what’s it all about?

  1. […] that their name will continue as a cloud code for enterprises from Verizon, and Barton George interviewed Peder Ulander, CTMO of  CA Technologies announced that ScaleMatrix launched Cloud in a […]


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