Low voltage DIMMs can mean huge savings in Hyperscale environments

Dell’s Data Center Solutions (DCS) group focuses on customers operating huge scaled out environments.  Given the number of systems deployed in these environments we are always looking for ways to take energy out of our systems.  A half a watt here, a half a watt there means big energy savings when multiplied across a hyper scale environment and translates into lower costs to our environment and to our customers’ operating budgets.

Recently we have adopted Samsung’s low voltage DIMMs (“Green DDR3”) in our efforts to drive efficiencies.   Take a listen to DCS’s Executive Director of engineering and architecture, Reuben Martinez, in the video below as he walks you through how a seemingly small decrease in DIMM voltage can translate to millions of dollars of savings in hyper scale environments.

Some of the ground Reuben covers:

  • How much energy US data centers consume and how this has grown.
  • What is happening to the cost of energy (hint: its going up:).
  • How our PowerEdge C6105 is designed for power efficiency including utilizing Samsung’s low-voltage memory. (BTW, Samsumg’s Green DDR3’s are also available in our C1100, C2100 and C6100)
  • The amount of power consumed by memory compared to the CPU (you may be surprised)
  • [2:35] The TCO calculation that shows the savings that low voltage DIMMs can provide in a typical data center environment.

Extra-credit reading:

Pau for now…

2 Responses to Low voltage DIMMs can mean huge savings in Hyperscale environments

  1. if you consider SaaS and Cloud computing environment, as a SaaS service provider, it is really a big plus, voltage really matters in the short and long run. Let us bring a green computing in practice. hats off to you.


  2. Ming Hsieh says:

    Good to know that all engineering efforts translate well to cost/power saved for customers and Dell!


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