The Data Center ecosystem of players

As I mentioned in a recent entry, last week I attended the Gartner Data Center conference where I learned a ton.  One of the folks I learned a lot from was Dave Ohara who consults in the data center arena.  Dave is uber connected in this space and pens the blog, Green (low carbon) Data Center blog.  Dave provided a bunch of introductions while I was there and sat down with me to do the following short video on the ecosystem of data center players.

Some of the ground that Dave covers:

  • What he covers in his blog Green Data Center
  • How do you go about building a data center and who are the players in each phase e.g site selection -> architecture/engineering design -> construction…
  • What are some of the key disruptions coming to this long standing industry e.g. cloud, Google

Pau for now…

Extra-credit reading

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