A Quick look at Dell’s Analyst Summit

Earlier this week Dell held an industry analyst summit in Boston.  The event, “Dell Services and Solutions for the Virtual Era” was attended by analysts from around the world and was a follow-on to the event Dell held in San Francisco back in March.

Please take your seats, the summit is about to begin.

What went on

The two-day event featured presentations from Dell’s senior leadership, customer and partner panels, break out sessions and 1:1’s between analysts and Dell subject matter experts.  The first day also culminated with a solutions expo and dinner held at the very cool Institute of Contemporary Art.

What were the key messages?

The high-level messages that Dell kept reiterating were:

  • We are executing on our strategy of delivering solutions that are open, capable and affordable which ultimately give our customers the power to do more.
  • We are undergoing a fundamental change in the way we’re approaching our customers. We are moving away from transactional selling motions toward a more consultative approach.

Right before the guests arrive. The solutions expo and dinner.

How was it received?

It will be interesting to see the reports that are generated from this week’s summit but we did receive some very positive tweets during the event (check out the whole twitter feed from the event):

  • Conclusion from [Dell Analyst Summit]: Dell 2.0 has arrived. We’ve called it 1.x to date. No longer. They’ve cracked the “solutions” code — Jonathan Eunice, Illuminata
  • Dell’s vision is quite clear and lingo shows detachment from manufacturer approach – openness remains as a mantra — Giorgio Nebuloni, IDC
  • Dell talking solution accelerators. Didn’t hear this message from them a few yrs ago. Highlights strengths of Perot & Dell 2gether — Tim Sheedy, Forrester
  • Great session with Dell Health IT team. Great progress and compelling positioning in the space. Good prog telling a sngl story — Crawford Del Prete, IDC

Updated 11/04

Here are interviews I did with two of the analysts who attended the summit:

Pau for now…

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