Meet OpenStack’s Community Manager

One of the key ingredients for the success of any open source project is a strong community manager.  Coming on board to fill that role for the not-quite three-month-old OpenStack project is Stephen Spector. (If you’re not familiar with OpenStack, it’s an open source cloud platform).

Stephen made his first public appearance in his new role today at the Rackspace partner summit in San Antonio.  I was able to catch Stephen first thing this morning before the summit kicked off.

Some of the ground Stephen covers:

  • His background: 14 yrs at Citrix.  He initially ran developer alliance programs.  He spent the last 3yrs running the community.
  • Why Stephen joined OpenStack (he jumped at the chance to build a community from scratch).
  • He sees his role as that of a communication conduit
  • One of his first tasks is to find out who makes up the community e.g. developers, users, students, research, partners..
  • He’s very interested in making events like next months design summit successful as well as the importance of globalization.
  • If you have any questions at all regarding the project contact Stephen at

Extra credit reading:

Pau for now..

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