Talking to Aster Data’s brand new CEO

I flew to Chicago today to support our partner Aster Data’s Big Data Insight summit.  This Chicago event is a part of series of roadshows that Aster is doing for customers in cities in the US and Europe.  Today’s event was held in the trendy Hotel Sax and featured talks from analysts as well as partners (SAS, Microstrategy and Dell).

Attending his first Aster roadshow was their brand new CEO, Quentin Gallivan.  As the post-event happy hour was winding down I grabbed a few minutes with Quentin.  Here is what he had to say:

Some of the topics Quentin covers:

  • What he did before Aster: CEO of BI SaaS provider Pivot link; CEO of Postini a SaaS email security company, and key exec at Verisign.
  • Why Quentin decided to join Aster.
  • How he heard about the opportunity.
  • What he see’s as Aster’s opportunity.
  • How the Dell partnership allows Aster to deliver a total solution.

Extra-credit reading:

Pau for now…

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