Why cloud provider iland is checking out our new system

iland is a provider of cloud computing infrastructure with high-availability data centers specifically designed for cloud computing in Boston, Washington D.C., Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas, and London.  To stay competitive in the cloud infrastructure business, iland needs to gain as much value as possible from every watt of power and every square foot of data center floor space.

One day over lunch they were introduced to the PowerEdge C6105 and were impressed with the product’s density and power efficiency.  One thing led to another and here is iland’s CTO Justin Giardina talking about why they are so interested int the PowerEdge C6105.

Some of the points Justin makes:

  • The primary reasons iland wanted to talk to Dell about the 6105 were density and power draw.
  • iland can stack 20 servers in one cabinet and since each 6105 has 4 servers in it by filling the cabinet with 6105s they can in affect get 80 servers (4X the compute power per cabinet).
  • The system only pulls 3 amps from both power supplies.

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