Dell’s Modular Data Center — Hello World

Last week at VMworld, Dell held a Super session where we debuted a video walking through our Modular Data Center (MDC).  The group that I belong to, Data Center Solutions (DCS), created the MDC as a custom solution addressing the specific needs of a few of our big strategic customers.

(As background, the DCS group has been acting as a custom tailor to the “internet superstars” for over three years and we address customers’ needs by focusing on innovation from the individual node all the way through the data center itself.)

Don’t box me in

In the video you’ll notice that gone is the forced shipping container form factor and in its place, as the name implies, is a more efficient modular design that lets you mix and match components like Legos.

Take a look below as Ty Schmitt, the lead architect for modular infrastructure, literally walks you through the concept and gives you his insight behind the design:

[Spoiler Alert!] Some of  the points Ty touches on:

  • A Module takes up half the space of a traditional data center
  • Clip on modules let you add capacity as you grow
  • There are 6-12 racks per module or 2500 servers which you can access through a central hallway
  • The modules come pre-integrated, pre-configured and pre-tested
  • With a modular data center you get a single point for power, a single point for IT, and a single point for cooling as opposed to the 1000s of points you’d normally get

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…

4 Responses to Dell’s Modular Data Center — Hello World

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