Deep dive tour(s) of the PowerEdge C410x

In my last entry I talked about the wild and wacky world of GPGPUs and provided an overview of the PowerEdge C410x expansion chassis that we announced today. For those of you who want to go deeper and see how to set up and install this 3U wonder you’ll want to take a look at the three videos below.

  1. Card installation: How to install/replace a NVIDIA Tesla M1060 GPU card in the PowerEdge C410x taco.
  2. Setting up the system: How to set up the PowerEdge C410x PCIe expansion chassis in a rack, power it up and pull out cards.  Also addresses port numbering.
  3. BMC card mapping: How to map the PCIe cards in the PowerEdge C410x via the BMC web interface.  Also covered are how to monitor power usage, fans and more.

Happy viewing!  (BTW, the C410x’s code name was “titanium” so when you hear Chris refer to it as that don’t be thrown)

Extra-credit reading:

Pau for now…

23 Responses to Deep dive tour(s) of the PowerEdge C410x

  1. […] Blog: Deep dive tour(s) of the PowerEdge C410x […]


  2. […] Blog: Deep dive tour(s) of the PowerEdge C410x […]


  3. Denis R says:

    have trouble finding out how deep the c410x is. Something like this could be extremely useful for me if it would come in a 40cm deep version. I think I understood that there is room for modules in the back, so I suppose that this c410x is too deep for me. Do you have sizes?


  4. Deania Davidson says:

    Hi Denis,

    I’m on the product marketing team for the PowerEdge C team, and appreciate you checking out our new C410x. The C410x is only availabe in a 3U form factor, with the dimensions being 75cm x 44cm x 13.05cm (L x W x H).

    What about the C410x would be extremely useful for you? And, just curious, why are you limited to a depth of 40cm?



  5. Hi Denis,

    I just chatted with Deania and she’ll ping you directly at your gmail above.



  6. Denis R says:



  7. tomek says:

    I am interested in this box but cards that i wan to install have 2x 6pin connectors and those are on the top. I wonder if that will work at all?


  8. tomek says:

    thank you for the answer

    i think ill buy one box to play with 🙂

    just dell have small problem with coming back to me with the price 🙂


  9. Urugn says:

    How much does the c410x cost? Any ideas?


  10. procashrdon says:

    Will the C410X take radeon 6990 cards
    If there are PSU issues, how would I resolve them


  11. Drew Schulke says:

    The C410x supports the full spectrum of Tesla GPGPU’s — M2050, M2070, M2070Q, M2075, and (soon) the M2090.

    Drew Schulke
    Dell PowerEdge-C Team


  12. John says:

    Any date when the c410x will support M2090?

    Is’t possible to use a GTX 580 card in the c410x?



    • Steve Croce says:

      Very timely question! We’ll actually be launching M2090 this week. The M2090 product will go live in our ordering systems over the next few days depending on your location.

      As Drew mentions above, we currently offer the NVIDIA Tesla M-series GPUs. We do not support the GTX line of GPUs.

      Steve Croce
      Dell PowerEdge-C Team


  13. Tomek says:

    Still no info about the price, looks like if I want to bay two of those I am not a customer 😦


    • Drew Schulke says:

      Hello Tomek,

      I will gladly have someone from Dell provide you with pricing information. I will contact you via email with some questions so I can connect you with the right individual.

      Drew Schulke
      Dell PowerEdge-C Team


  14. Dènis Riedijk says:

    What I was told is that the C410x is about the price of 1 tesla M card


  15. sc says:

    is support for ATI/Radeon GPus availible yet?


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