My quick spiel on the cloud

At OSCON last week I ran into a compadre from a previous life, Fred Kohout.  Fred is now the CMO at UC4, a pure play software automation company, and he, like I, was in Portland to attend OSCON and the Cloud Summit.

At the summit Fred did to me what I’ve done to so many others, he got me on the receiving end of a video camera to talk about where Dell plays in the cloud and how we see the cloud evolving.

You can check out Fred’s blog from the Summit where he posted my video as well as the interview he did with another former compadre, Peder Ulander, CMO at

Don’t touch that dial

If you’re interested in OSCON be sure to stay tuned.  I’ve got four more interviews from the event that I will be posting soon.

Pau for now…

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