Cast Iron: Integrating Cloud & on-premise Apps

One of the trickiest parts for SMB’s (or organizations of any size) who are utilizing cloud-based applications is integrating these apps with exisiting on-premise applications.   That’s where Cast Iron Systems, comes in.

Last month Chandar Pattabhiram, VP of Product & Channel marketing at Cast Iron visited Dell.  I met up with him to chat about the company and learn what they are up to.

Some of the topics Chandar tackles:

  • Cast Iron is the leader in connecting cloud-based applications with on premise enterprise apps (eg Oracle, SAP).
  • The company began by offering a pre-configured integration appliance.  They have since expand and now also offer a virtual integration appliance as well as the Cast Iron Cloud (integration as a service).
  • While their focus is on SaaS, they are partnering with leaders in each layer of the cloud to integrate cloud offerings with on premise apps:
    • SaaS: SalesForce, ADP
    • PaaS: Google,, Azure
    • IaaS: Dell
  • Cast Iron’s goal is to evolve to be the enterprise cloud integration platform, bridging the world of public, private and on premise applications.
  • Cast Iron provides the software underpinning Dell Integration Services.  These services allow customers to extract data that has been locked in on premise apps and provides centralized visibility within

Pau for now…

2 Responses to Cast Iron: Integrating Cloud & on-premise Apps

  1. Tariq Masood says:

    George, such interviews are great source of information. There are a number of players in virtualization, cloud and VDI space that I have had similar conversations with. Wondering if we can do such explorations in a more organized manner to allow various teams at Dell get exposed to such technology ideas/startups?


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