Talking about Dell’s Cloud efforts

Last Friday I got together with Michael Cote of Red Monk and John Willis of Canonical for a podcast.  We met up at a nearby coffee shop and chatted about a whole bunch o’ stuff.

You can listen to the actual podcast on Cote’s blog.

Some of the topics we tackle:

  • What I’ll be doing at Dell as Cloud Evangelist.
  • Dell’s cloud building business, focused on a small group of hyper-scale customers (Azure and Facebook being a couple I can name), delivering a high volume of highly customized machines for these customers.
  • Some of the learnings we’ve gained with working with this group.
  • Our intent to take this effort to a much wider group of customers and offer complete cloud solutions made up of hardware, third party software, a reference architecture and services.
  • Dell’s other major cloud effort:  providing Support services as a service.
  • Recent industry events and upcoming cloud conferences.
  • And last, but not least, John and Cote introduce me to the wild and wonderful world of Pokens.

Pau for now..

2 Responses to Talking about Dell’s Cloud efforts

  1. cote says:

    Thanks for being on, it was fun 😉


  2. […] out Barton’s show notes as well, more detailed to the Dell […]


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