Internal Clouds? We don’t need no Stinking Internal Clouds

The other day, I came across an entry on discussing a recent Forrester report.  The report, snappily entitled “Conventional Wisom is Wrong About Cloud IAAS,” details the results of a recent survey administered to small and large enterprises located in the Europe and North America.

The survey’s key findings were:

  • Confirmation of a strong interest in cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).
  • Large firms are more interested in cloud IaaS than small firms.
  • Firms are interested in cloud services slightly more than internal cloud.
  • Firms are equally comfortable with all major workload types in the cloud and are almost as comfortable with productions apps as they are with test and development usage.

And in conclusion…

So the big takeaways are 1) IaaS isn’t just for test and development any more and 2) many people out there are ok with skipping internal clouds and going directly to external providers.  As pointed out in, more specifically the survey shows that:

More than one-third of both large and medium enterprises are ready to put enterprise applications into production in external cloud providers.

These results paint enterprises as far more intrepid, when it comes to the cloud, than has been thought.  It will be interesting to see how matters actually unfold and if enterprises end up putting their money apps where their mouth is.

Pau for now…

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