Volume Servers: It’s the Software Stupid

Earlier this week I read an interesting entry from former Sun compadre Ken Oestreich.  Ken’s piece entitled, “Why (and How) Low-Cost Servers Will Dominate — Or, why high-end servers will be obviated by software…” explains:

The age of high-end, super-redundant, high-reliability servers is slowly coming to an end. They’re being replaced by volume servers and intelligent networks that “self heal”….folks like Amazon and other mega-providers don’t fill their data centers with high-end HP, Sun or IBM gear anymore. Rather, companies like Google use scads of super-inexpensive servers. And if/when the hardware craps-out, it is software that automatically swaps-in a new resource.

So what’s the punch-line here? I believe that the vendors who’ll “win” will be those who are effective at producing low-cost, volume servers with standard networking… But most of all, the winners will be effective at wrapping their wares in a system that is designed for automatic interchangeability [via software management]. Note I added the last bit

So just remember, in the cloud, nobody knows you’re a server.

Pau for now…

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