James Duncan: From Reasonably Smart to Joyent

I’m attending Enterprise 2.0 here in Boston and although it’s relatively small, I’m finding it pretty interesting.  Case in point, James Duncan, Joyent‘s Director of platform strategy.  James is staffing Joyent’s pod at the event and an hour ago I dragged him away for a quick podcast.

Some of the topics James tackles:

  • How James got into the cloud in the first place.
  • From Fotango to Zimki to Canon to Ski bum (and his connection with Canonical’s Simon Wardley).
  • How a bad experience with Ruby and an epiphany with the Git version control system made him “Reasonably Smart
  • Open Source and JavaScript
  • Being Acquired by Joyent
  • What he see’s happening in the cloud in the next 12-24 mos.
  • How he enjoys the immediacy the cloud brings of taking a concept from idea to deployed app in hours rather than days and how, at the push of a button, it allows you to “hang your bits out for judgement.”

Pau for now…

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