Talkin’ to Mosso Co-founder, Todd Morey

Last year I did a podcast with Mosso (“The Rackspace Cloud”) co-founder Jonathan Bryce.  Last Saturday at  Cloud Camp Austin I caught up with the other co-counder of Mosso, Todd Morey to get his side of the story.

Some of the topics Todd tackles:

  • How Todd and Jonathan formed a good partnership, Todd on UI and design and Jonathan on the development side.
  • Starting Mosso out of a desire to have place where they could run their code without having to worry about the infrastructure.
  • Mosso’s integration back into Rackspace
  • Will Mosso bring some of its hipness to Rackspace? (editorial note: looking at the Rackspace’s site it looks like Mosso has already influenced it for the better)

Pau for now…

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