Animoto – The Poster Child for AWS & EC2

At SXSW interactive I came across the booth for the cloud-based app Animoto.  I was intrigued since I have seen a couple of Amazon Web Services presentations and both held up Animoto as a great example of an application that would have been impossible to deliver any other way.

Animoto, which creates videos for consumers and corporations, relies on a huge amount of processing power and has had gigantic spikes in usage (e.g. going from 70 servers to 8,500 servers in 5 days).   You can say they put the “elastic” in Amazon’s “Elastic Compute Cloud.”

Here is an interview I did with Animoto co-founder and President Jason Hsiao.

To watch in High Quality: after clicking play, click the “HQ” button that will appear on the bottom.

Some of the things Jason talks about:

  • Total number of servers owned by Animoto = 0
  • The most expensive piece of equipment in the office is the espresso machine.
  • How the enterprise side of the business has taken off.
  • Why they’re based in New York and where the founders came from.
  • How their extreme processor intensiveness allows them to work extra closely with Amazon.
  • See how he deftly avoids the question about what feature he is looking forward to seeing from Amazon, they must be working on something 😉

Extra-credit reading:

Pau for now…

4 Responses to Animoto – The Poster Child for AWS & EC2

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