Conferences going Virtual

Taken from the Process 2010 reg page

Taken from the Process 2010 reg page

On Friday Jon Hansen of Procurement Insights, sent me a link to a virtual Business Process conference that he had received an invite to.  I thought it was kind of intriguing.

Today I found out that Gary Comerford across the pond had blogged about the conference last week and was actually associated with the group putting it on.

As Gary explains:

The conference is called Process 2010 and will take place in March next year. This BPM showcase offers the most up to date insight on business process strategy and operational agility and will feature process excellence studies and successes across all industries, Workshop tutorial sessions and Keynotes on both old and new methods, and looking at advancing process management using new combinations of techniques and tools such as GIS (Geospacial Information), Workflow Artificial Intelligence and Virtual World Process Simulation.

Pretty heady stuff.  Who knows how this will come off but I’m interested in following its progress.  (BTW according to organizer Theo Priestley’s status on Linkedin, Microsoft signed up yesterday).  And the number one reason Theo cites for holding a Virtual event?  Cost.

In today’s current economic climate, cost reduction is king. What better way to reduce over-burdening costs for flights and accommodation as well as the attendance price than to remove them entirely.

Speaking of the Economy…

Next month is our annual customer/partner conference, “Driven.”   We knew that times are tough so back in December we surveyed our customers to see what their chances of attending the event were.   At that time  75% told us attending would be a possibility. As we haven gotten closer, however, we’ve started getting a bunch of feedback that many companies are now on travel restrictions (read: no travel).

As a result, today we made the decision to change our format to meet the need and are taking the conference online. While we will lose out on the personal interaction that is a big part of Driven we have already heard from a ton of customers this afternoon that this new format will allow more people at their company to participate and get educated on BPM.

So maybe there is a silver lining to this global economic downturn after all? 😉

Pau for now…

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