Sun’s New VP of Cloud Computing Strategy: Ian Murdock

Last week at Cloud Connect I was able to grab a few minutes with my old boss from Sun, Ian Murdock.  Ian, the founder of the Debian Linux distribution, came to Sun to lead the Open Solaris charge and after that tackled Developer relations.  Turns out that with the latest Sun re-org Ian has now landed in the Cloud Computing group as the VP of Strategy.

To watch in High Quality: after clicking play, click the “HQ” button that will appear on the bottom.

Some of the topics Ian Tackles:

  • How cloud computing today reminds him of the Open Source world back in 1993 when he first got involved with Linux and Free Software.
  • What might be the equivalent of the Linux distro in the cloud space.
  • The importance of standards and how Sun might play there.

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2 Responses to Sun’s New VP of Cloud Computing Strategy: Ian Murdock

  1. […] nuevo rol de vicepresidente de estrategia para Could Computing. Así lo anunció recientemente en una vídeo-entrevista realizada por su colega George Barton. George, que ahora está en Lombardi Software, se encontró […]


  2. Cloud computing in Australia looks to be gathering pace with Telstra announcing a $500m investment into cloud services. Good news for the industry!


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