What’s in an internal name? A cheesy band?

Just because your product is serious, it doesn’t mean your internal release names have to be dull.

In the case of Blueprint, given the frequent release cycle that its hosted nature allows for, the team looked for a naming schema that would allow for a large set of possibilities.  The answer? An alphabetical list of “bands-from-the-70’s-and-80’s-that-are-at-least-somewhat-cheesy.” Behold…

The first 14 releases on the wall of Lombardi HQ.  With each new release a new album is purchased, framed and hung on the wall.  All with great ceremony.

One man’s (or woman’s) cheese…

Now “somewhat cheesy” is obviously subjective and if you look at the list below I’m sure you’ll find one or two that one could argue were legitimate bands.  I would also be willing to wager that which of these were considered “legitimate bands” would vary widely depending on who you are. Party on Wayne!

The List of Internal Release names and release dates:

Pau for now…

6 Responses to What’s in an internal name? A cheesy band?

  1. […] we are up to “P” and “Poison” (check-out the whole list here).  Poison is the 11th public Blueprint release and the 16th overall (releases usually come out […]


  2. […] release, code-named “Quiet Riot” (in keeping with the official Blueprint code-naming schema) is characterized by a bunch of cool new features (you can read about them in detail or see the […]


  3. […] (In case you’re wondering about the picture to the left, each release comes with its own cheesy-band code name.  As you can probably guess, the code name for this release was REO […]


  4. […] biggest. (BTW: In case you’re wondering what’s up with the tiger above, following our code name schema –an alphabetic listing of cheesy 80’s bands — this release was code named: […]


  5. […] those brave enough to go beyond the last slide you’ll get a special bonus slide of all the cheesy 80’s bands used as code names for Blueprint’s releases right up to the the most recent, […]


  6. Krause says:

    Do you really think so? Maybe you are right but I have my doubts.


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