Watch Blueprint in Action

If a pictures is worth a 1,000 words, how many words is a 1 minute and 39 second-you tube video worth?

See for yourself.  Below is a clip that introduces the viewer to Lombardi Blueprint, the cloud-based process modeling solution (everything you see is taking place within a browser) that I’m working on.

Initial Project Goals

To give you some context for viewing, here’s how Blueprint’s lead architect Alex Moffat described the team’s initial challenge last year:

The challenge handed to us was to create a tool that the average business user could use to document and manage their business processes. It had to be easy to use, encourage collaboration between team members, and provide a shared repository for all of a company’s process documentation. Workflow functionality had to be on par with our competitors: Microsoft Visio, IDS Scheer’s ARIS, IBM’s WebSphere Business Modeler, and other desktop modeling tools. But we also wanted wiki & shared whiteboard capabilities to store information. Editing should use the drag and drop interaction users of desktop apps are familiar with. We ended up with some additional features that really set us apart:

  • An intuitive map view as a high level visualization of a process
  • Automatic workflow diagram generation
  • PowerPoint generation for easily presenting the process
  • Online chat functionality

If you’d like to actually test out Blueprint for yourself, you can get your hands on a free copy here.

Pau for now…

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