Wrapping up my second Week at Lombardi

My last day at Sun was two weeks ago and, trite as it may sound, it seems like another lifetime.

I started at Lombardi last week but spent the majority of that week attending the Gartner BPM Summit in DC (pictures to be found in an upcoming post).  During my 13 year career at Sun I had carefully engineered it so that I stayed on the periphery of enterprise software apps, now however I find myself smack-dab in the middle of the segment and being excited about the whole adventure.

This week was my first real week in the office at my new gig and I spent a bunch of time getting my desk set up, trying to pick a mail client that worked best with the new environment, learning where the bathroom was etc.  I was expecting a big culture shock going from a company of 35,000 employees to one of 200 but so far its been pretty smooth.  Maybe the big freak out comes in the second month.

One of the things I’ve noticed which I’ve enjoyed is how quick the feedback loop is in a small company and how much easier it is to attack opportunities in a holistic way with cross-functional partners (pls excuse the buzz-words).  This observation Im sure comes as a shock to few people, but after being at a large company for 13 years its something new to me.  The other thing I’ve noticed is how awesome it is to have a kitchen packed with drinks and food.  No on-site masseuse but you cant have everything.

I’m looking forward to week number three.

Pau for now…

One Response to Wrapping up my second Week at Lombardi

  1. Jeff says:

    Glad to hear it is going smoothly! I am considering a job at a 7000 person company – not sure how I feel about that yet. TiVo was 300 and felt big when I left…


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