Google Kubernete’s new community lead: Sarah Novotny

November 30, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I attended KubeCon in San Francisco.  There were a series of talks as well as a bunch of vendors who were there in mini-booths chatting with folks and showing off what they do.  As always, the part I get the most out of at conferences like this is the “hallway track” where I get to chat one-on-one with various folks.

One such folk was Sarah Novotny, who recently joined Google as the first Kubernetes community lead.  Check out the video below where Sarah talks about her goals for the community, how it will fit with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and how she hopes to extend this beyond a Google only effort.

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App Think Tank: The Web Of C-Level Relationships

February 6, 2014

Here is the last in a series of videos from the Dell Services Think Tank.

During the event’s first session I posed the question —  given the chance, how would you set up it for the CIO, CMO, business and developers to work together?

NGINX tech evangelist, Sarah Novotny jumped right in, having had a chance to do just this previously at a start up.  The model which she proposed, which many of the room liked, was one where IT would act as a consultancy to the business and provide an ecosystem of services.

Take a listen:

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