Stephen O’Grady on Red Monk — The Un-Analysts

June 29, 2009

Last week at Enterprise 2.0 in Boston I caught with Stephen O’Grady, co-founder of analyst firm Red Monk.  I’ve always been very impressed with this boutique firm whose influence on their clients and other analysts, seems inversely proportional to their size (they are now up to a whopping four analysts).

I’ve split our chat in two parts.  The first deals with the firm itself, and the second with a couple of areas in technology that Stephen is particularly interested in.

The History and Philosophy behind Red Monk

Some of the topics Stephen tackles:

  • Founding a firm that does things differently (the un-analysts as I like to think of them)
  • Being open with their opinions and breaking down “pay walls”
  • “Offices” in London, Seville, Portland (Maine) and Austin, TX.
  • Stephen’s “Money Ball” approach to hiring
  • Their impressive client list
  • Is Red Monk going to IPO?

Stephen’s thoughts on Cloud Computing and Google Wave

Some of the topics Stephen tackles:

  • Cloud computing: overhyped but still a fundamental trend
  • Google Wave: redefining a document, what it is and what’s it for

Extra-credit reading:

  • Stephen’s thoughts on the Enterprise 2.0 conference

Pau for now…

Thanks to Tim Bray I’m an Honourary Cheeky Brit

June 25, 2009

Reg_Podcast_Logo I was quite chuffed to find that my first freelance piece for The Register was featured on the front page.  The piece is a 17 minute podcast and accompanying intro article that covers the conversation I had with XML co-developer and really smart guy, Tim Bray.

Tim was a great interview.  Not only is he very knowledgeable but he answers questions very lucidly.   Take a listen and see for yourself.

>> Listen (17:24)  mp3 version | ogg version

Why's Tim so Jazzed about 20 year-old Swedish Telco language (other than the cool graphics)?

Why's Tim so jazzed about a 20 year-old Swedish Telco language (other than the cool graphics)?

Some of the topics Tim tackles:

  • The state of the web today.
  • The evolution of Twitter: Ruby on Rails + Scala + ?
  • Dynamic languages that rock Tim’s world:  PHP? Python? Ruby on Rails?  Closure?
  • And speaking of dark horses, what about Erlang?  dealing with wider CPUs and concurrency.
  • Is Google’s Wave the next Twitter or the next Lotus Notes?
  • What’s happening in browser land?  And what about HTML5 (video and canvas)?
  • Opera’s recent announcement and the value of web hooks.
  • Tim’s been “Kindled.”  What other web business models are working out there?
  • What most rock’s Tim’s world: 1) Databases duking it out – what’s the right way to persist data at scale and 2) Mobile platforms: Android, iPhone, Palm Pre — all very different approaches.

Shout outs: To Terri Molini for setting this up and Paul Bonser of X-team for introducing me, over beers, to Erlang.

Pau for now…

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