Cloud Pioneer,

April 29, 2010

Last month when I was out in the Bay Area for our launch, I stopped by the offices of  I visited with some folks that I used to work with in a past life and then grabbed some time with Salesforce’s VP of product marketing, Sean Whiteley.

Here is what Sean had to say:

Some of the topics Sean tackles.

  • The idea behind (SFDC):  In 1999 founders Marc Benioff and Parker Harris looked at Amazon and wondered why businesses couldn’t manage and get insight into their customers with the same ease as they interact with their favorite website.
  • Given that SFDC is built on a model of “multitenancy” how do they address security concerns when they are brought up.
  • what it is and how it came about.  Also the advent of AppExchange, where you can shop for applications that let you extend the cloud applications that you use to run your business.
  • What and Dell are doing together to address small and medium businesses:  providing a business in a box, helping organizations focus on their core business rather than IT.

Pau for now… at Cloud Connect

February 9, 2009 was one of the Platinum Sponsors at Cloud Connect.  I stopped by their booth and had a quick chat with Kavindra from developer marketing, Ash, a evangelist and Ryan a technical marketer.

To watch in High Quality: after clicking play, click the “HQ” button that will appear on the bottom.

Some of the topics Kavindra, Ash and Ryan Tackle:

  • Speed Geeking and Chalk Talks.
  • Why is great for building enterprise Apps.
  • Where to go to get started (hint: click here)

Pau for now…

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