Findings from 451’s DevOps study — DevOps Days Austin

July 8, 2014

Today we come to the final interview from DevOps Days Austin.  I began the series with an interview with Andrew Clay Shafer who gave the first-day keynote.  Today I close, with perfect symmetry, with Michael Cote of 451 Research, who gave the keynote on the second day.

In his keynote, posted below, Cote presented findings from a study 451 did on DevOps usage.  I caught up with Cote to learn more.  Take a listen.

Some of the ground Cote covers:

  • Tracking tool usage as a proxy for DevOps
  • How they focused their study on companies outside of technology
  • What they found and given that, what advice would they give to
    1. IT
    2. Vendors in this space
    3. Investors
  • How Cote would advise a mainstream CIO looking to get into DevOps and set a strategy


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App Think Tank: The importance of application rationalization

April 30, 2014

Today’s topic, taken from the Application think tank held by Dell Services early this year, is application rationalization.  Take a listen as Ranga Jayaraman, Associate Dean and CIO of the Graduate School of Business at Stanford talks about the importance of application rationalization and shifting the way you do development.

The bottom line is if you are not pursuing an aggressive application rationalization strategy, you should be.  As Ranga suggests, you also need to be taking a hard look at how you are doing development.

Stay tuned

Tomorrow, tune in to hear how Intel turns its applications into services.

The Think Tank, Sessions one and two

  • Think Tank Session 1– Welcome to the application-centric world – best practices in the ‘greenfield’
  • Think tank Session 2– Nexus of forces – CIOs under pressure and the rise of the enterprise developer

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