Project Sputnik: Want to join the cause?

Passionate about Linux? About Developers? We’ll have we got the opportunity for you. 😊

The Project Sputnik team is planning to beef up our efforts and we’re looking for a passionate soul to join the cause and help drive Dell’s line of developer laptops and workstations.

This individual would have an opportunity to handle community engagement, represent Dell at developer and open source events as well as shape the future of Dell’s Sputnik program. Live in Austin?  Even better!

Operators are standing by

If the above sounds exciting to you and you are diplomatic, intuitive, have a passion for coding and Linux please DM me at @barton808 on Twitter.  At this point we are gathering names of interested individuals and will reach back out in the new year.

Extra-credit reading

  • Dell Opens Up About Its Linux Efforts And Project Sputnik – Forbes

Pau for now…

2 Responses to Project Sputnik: Want to join the cause?

  1. Tim Apple says:

    Barton, your DMs are turned off, but I’m in@oldvetcodes on twitter. Live in Dallas, that’s al ost Austin.


  2. papermachecc says:

    Strongly recommend building an XPS 13 2 in 1 Developer Edition. Also backdate and open source fingerprint drivers so previous versions with Validity sensors can fingerprint support!


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