Project Sputnik: Rave reviews, 13.04 and OSCON

Wow, I cant believe its been over a month since I last blogged.  Things have been busy but I also got to take some time off with the fam, which was well needed :).  Here are a few quick updates:


TechCrunch: Laptop Week Review: The Dell XPS 13 Developers Edition With Ubuntu

Dude, you got a Linux-powered Dell! In all the years I’ve reviewed laptops I’ve never been as pleasantly surprised by an Ultrabook as I was with the Dell XPS 13 Developers Edition. This ultrathin, ultralight SSD laptop originally came in Windows flavor but, much to my surprise, I far prefer the Ubuntu edition of this device. It is solidly built, acceptably priced given the solid state drive, and surprisingly powerful.

GoSaBe blog: Dell XPS 13 FHD Developer Edition

Well, I did something I never thought I would: I bought a brand-new, high-end Dell laptop. For full price. Me.  Hell will be freezing over shortly…So, so far, two thumbs up. Way to go Dell. (There, I said it.)

ISO features now in 13.04

Kamal Mostafa, Canonical kernel meister for project Sputnik, recently pointed out on the forums:

…the Sputnik ISO is now over a year old and all of the kernel features it supplies have since been integrated into standard the Ubuntu kernel, making Ubuntu 13.04 a good choice if you’re planning to install Ubuntu yourself on an XPS 13.


If you are interested in Sputnik and are heading to OSCON next month, you may want to check out the session Cote and I are doing:

Connecting the client to the cloud  – The Sputnik Story

07/24/2013 11:30am – 12:10pm PDT (40 minutes); Room: F150 (capacity: 95)

Pau for now…

9 Responses to Project Sputnik: Rave reviews, 13.04 and OSCON

  1. Erik S says:

    Good work Barton!

    It’s nice to hear that there’s 13.04 images out! I’ll give it a spin in a little while and see if it resolves my WiFi issues on my machine.

    I’m very happy with my unit, which has the improved screen.

    Sent from my Dell XPS 13 (Sputnik Edition)!


  2. Thibault Gardet says:

    Hi Gordon,

    When are you going to release sputnik third generation?Can you please give us some details about the major changing ?



  3. sparky123 says:

    Could you solve some confusion? I’d like a Dell Ubuntu laptop.


  4. We fixed it in the US I will follow up again with our UK/Eire team again. 🙂


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