OpenStack insights and code

I’m now at the mid-point of the videos I shot at OSCON Cloud Summit a few weeks ago.  Today’s feature is Brett Piatt from the OpenStack ecosystem development team who has been working on the project since it kicked off nine months ago.  Brett’s particular area of focus is the partners who have joined and are participating in the effort.  I got some of Brett’s time after the cloud summit ended and this is what he had to say:

Some of the topics Brett tackles:

  • Over 20 companies participating from hardware makers to software vendors who help you manage or operate OpenStack, e.g. Cloud kick and Rightscale as well as other service providers (who are actually Rackspace competitors.)
  • The Rackspace API and coupling it with feature releases.
  • The projects near term goal which is to get it in production beyond Rackspace and NASA.
  • What code is available now — OpenStack object storage (aka Swift) which powers Rackspace’s cloud files.
  • The Nova code = Rackspace cloud sw + NASA’s Nebula cloud = Cloud and VM orchestration system management package.  It’s mostly written in Python, some C & C++ as well as a dash of Erlang.  It also has built-in ipad, iphone apps, android apps and web control panel — something for the whole family!

Still to come in my OSCON video series:

  • J.P. Rangaswami, Chief Scientist at BT — Nature doesn’t require SLAs
  • Simon Phipps about his new company ForgeRock

Pau for now…

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